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Head on Collision Records is a independent Rock, Heavy Metal & Hard Rock label located in southeast Missouri, USA. Founded in 2019

We strive in helping independent artist/bands promote their music in a way they never thought of & get their music heard by the world. Since timing is everything it never hurts to have a label like ours on your side. Our tools, knowledge, unique perspective & passion for that "next great song" makes our label stand out above the rest!! There is no gurantee that everybody can get music in front of the right people, at the right time & if they do make sure they actually give it a listen...espeically without money-money-money...Don't be fooled by these people wanting a butt load of your money(up front) then in return do nothing for you!! then disappear from the face of the earth. All you have is hope & the chance that the right person hears your music & likes it...no Loves it!!

With Head on Collision Records it's the right chance to take, Don't get me wrong, YES! we are in the biz to make money BUT not to ROB YOU BLIND!! all we require is a reasonable one time service fee and if our label does its job, Well...all of us will be rolling in dough!!!
We don't even mind "paying it forward" if you have the time & the paticences to set off on this adventure of promoting your music, on your own, We say that's the best way to do it but if you need advice of where or how to start please contact us (enzroc66@gmail.com) & we will do our best to point you in the right direction(no cost to you) cause we know if you are a true full-blooded rocker this act of kindness won't go unforgotten..we all are striving for the same purpose/outcome.......
TO BE ROCK STARS!!...And Live the Dream!!! so we must stick together & look out for each other(within reason) & one day if or when you become the next big thing, you'll remember Head on Collision Records & just how helpful we were!!....If you don't have the time or a clue where to start just sign with us & let us do all the heavy lifting, that is, if we think your music has "what it takes"

We been in the music biz since the late 1980s...you can say we been around the block..being on both sides of the Rock'n'Roll spectrum...playing music in different Rock bands through out the years & even on the Recording side...with our studio MONZROC STUDIO SHOP So we know what it's like & what it takes wanting to get your music heard and added to playlist on radio stations...WE'VE ACTUALLY DONE IT...and believe me..The first time you hear your song on the radio "it's the BEST DAMN FEELING IN THE WORLD" some die hard rockers(including myself) would even say it's better than sex!!


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