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Monzroc Studio Shop is set to be opened early this summer in 2020 by engineer-musician Chad Montague and Songwriter-Producer Rusty Corzine. Having realized there was a lack of inspirational studio environments for artists in Poplar Bluff Missouri, Montague and Corzine saw an opportunity and embarked upon building their own recording studio. Monzroc Studio Shop is being designed and built from the ground up.

Located in Poplar Bluff, Mo. Corzine & Montague maintained a philosophy of passionately producing the best possible sounding records also with a new record label called Head on Collision Records.

Montague and Corzine have been in the business quite some time with their Recording Studio called Drop17 Studio, which stayed busy recording artist from all around the midwest and well as some national artist. Some of the artist include, Draws Nigh, Groundswell, The Worlds Worst Wedgy, High Regency, Brian Yeary, Billy Goodman, Dirty Trix, Cynderblok, Lori's Headache and including six studio CD releases from Chuck Bazzell and Jeanette Bazzell Turner.

We do all we can to make the band feel as comfortable as possible, making sure we provide the best environment so they can produce their best results.”

The New Studio Monzroc Studio Shop (early 2020)


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